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Got an audition?  Got a recall?  Need to learn some new rep?  Need a pianist to run through some music but everyone's busy?  Simply upload your music using the form below and soon you will have the piano accompaniment you need.

Stars & The Moon from Songs for a New World

All songs come with two tracks, one with just the piano backing, and one with a guide track to enable you to learn the vocal line.  See the samples opposite.

Shiksa Godess from The Last Five Years

Upload your music in pdf or jpeg format.  If you don't have the music in electronic format, simply use your smart phone to photograph it taking care to make sure that the page fills the entire screen.

When the Foeman.. from Pirates of Penzance

The 1 hour service is normally available between 8am and 2pm.  If for any reason it cannot be achieved in that time, the customer will have the option of using the overnight service, or a refund.


Each song shall be no longer than 3 minutes in duration.

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